where can i buy neurontin Welcome to the Deacons Learning Center

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, one God, Amen.

Dear Deacons,
God willing, we will maintain and update this page as a starting
point to unify the hymns at St. Mary’s in Mauldin.

The vision for this
project is to cheap zithromax 500mg self study a hymn during the week on our own and
then we’ll meet during the weekend to review it together. The goal is to spend
about 5 hours per week, that’s 1 hour per day.

Our first project is to
start visiting some hymns for Lent and Easter.

Learn by: Sunday, March 8
Three Amens before Communion

Learn by: Sunday, March 15
Tee Shori: The Golden Censer English (Pascha Melismatic)

Learn by: Sunday, March 22
Homily Intro Morning Pascha

Homily Conclusion Morning Pascha

Learn by: Sunday, March 29

To Litho 2nd Greek Hymn for Procession
LyricsAudioAudio 2

First Aspasmos Adam 2nd half in English
LyricsAudioAudio 2 Incorrect lyrics but correct recording.

According to Your Mercy Long Version for Easter Liturgy
Lyrics | Audio

Fai e Taf which is said during Covenant Thursday
Online Audio Class

Ethvetie Anastasees
Video Class | Part 1
Video Class | Part 2

Coptic | Audio
English | Audio
Audio | Online Class 1
Audio | Online Class 2

Khristoc Anecti (long & short)

Ton Cina

Pikhristoc Aftonf
Audio | Online Class

O Ni Emnai
Audio | Online Class 1
Audio | Online Class 2
Audio | Online Class 3

All You Heavenly Multitudes

Greogorian Liturgy Responses
We look for – Gregorian (Tengousht – End of the Creed)
Audio | English 1
Audio | English 2
Audio | Coptic

A Mercy of Peace (Ending)

And with Your Spirit

We have them with the Lord

It’s Meet & Right
Additional Recordings

Golgotha – English | Audio

Pascha Responses | Audio

Pascha Ending | Audio

Judas Backward Procession – Good Friday | Audio

Hiten Joseph and Nicodemus English | Audio

Hiten’s All Coptic English | Audio

O-Only begotten Son – English Easter 2013 | Audio

TenOoshet | Audio

Good Friday 6th hour Response | Audio

Good Friday 11th hour Psalm | Audio

Kata Nikhoros | Audio

Palm Sunday
Evlogymenos | Audio

Audio| Online Class 1
Audio| Online Class 2
Audio| Online Class 3