In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, one God, Amen.

Dear Deacons,
God willing, we will maintain and update this page as a starting
point to unify the hymns at St. Mary’s in Mauldin.

The vision for this
project is to self study a hymn during the week on our own and
then we’ll meet during the weekend to review it together. The goal is to spend
about 5 hours per week, that’s 1 hour per day.

Our first project is to
start visiting some hymns for Lent and Easter.

Learn by: Sunday March 8
Three Amens before Communion

Learn by: Sunday March 15
Tee Shori: The Golden Censer English (Pascha Melismatic)

Learn by: Sunday March 22
Homily Intro Morning Pascha

Homily Conculusion Morning Pascha

Learn by: Sunday March 29

To Litho 2nd Greek Hymn for Procession
LyricsAudioAudio 2

First Aspasmos Adam 2nd half in English
LyricsAudioAudio 2 Incorrect lyrics but correct recording.

According to Your Mercy Long Version for Easter Liturgy
Lyrics | Audio

Fai e Taf which is said during Covenant Thursday
Online Audio Class

Ethvetie Anastasees
Video Class | Part 1
Video Class | Part 2

Coptic | Audio
English | Audio
Audio | Online Class 1
Audio | Online Class 2

Khristoc Anecti (long & short)

Ton Cina

Pikhristoc Aftonf
Audio | Online Class

O Ni Emnai
Audio | Online Class 1
Audio | Online Class 2
Audio | Online Class 3

All You Heavenly Multitudes

Greogorian Liturgy Responses
We look for – Gregorian (Tengousht – End of the Creed)
Audio | English 1
Audio | English 2
Audio | Coptic

A Mercy of Peace (Ending)

And with Your Spirit

We have them with the Lord

It’s Meet & Right
Additional Recordings

Golgotha – English | Audio

Pascha Responses | Audio

Pascha Ending | Audio

Judas Backward Procession – Good Friday | Audio

Hiten Joseph and Nicodemus English | Audio

Hiten’s All Coptic English | Audio

O-Only begotten Son – English Easter 2013 | Audio

TenOoshet | Audio

Good Friday 6th hour Response | Audio

Good Friday 11th hour Psalm | Audio

Kata Nikhoros | Audio

Palm Sunday
Evlogymenos | Audio

Audio| Online Class 1
Audio| Online Class 2
Audio| Online Class 3

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