Mahragan Alkeraza

order Quetiapine no rx About Mahragan Alkeraza 2017

We are excited to launch another session of the Mahragan Alkeraza summer competition!  This year’s theme comes from 1 Timothy 4:16: “Take heed to yourself and to the Doctrine.”

Our Sunday School classes will start studying for the Mahragan and be tested for the competition with the dioceses. The middle school Sunday School classes (5th- 8th graders) will be competing in Myrtle Beach, SC.  The Elementary and High School students will have a celebration within the church.

Below you will find links for folders of information related to each class.  As we get more information on the celebrations, we will update this page, so check back for updates.  If you have any questions specific to Mahragan, please see any of the Sunday School teachers.

have a peek at this web-site Schedule for Mahragan Alkeraza 2017

Lessons will be taught from the study books during Sunday school classes beginning May 28th through the end of July.  If a student misses a class, it will be his/her responsibility to find out what was missed and make up any lessons or activities. In addition to the lessons being taught in Sunday School there will be an additional hour given once a week, during Nadi, to each class to review and enrich the lessons that were taught the previous Sunday.

Testing for the study book and memorization will take place in the end of July for ALL classes.  Depending on points received, students will be awarded Prizes for their performance in the competition.

Celebration Events

All Kindergarten, Grades 1st-4th, and  grades 9th-12th students will attend a end of summer celebration at St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church. More details are forthcoming.

Grades 5th-8th students will have a separate celebration in Myrtle Beach, SC at St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church. Student will be leaving Friday August 4th and coming back August 5th after the celebration on Saturday.

Class Files and Information

For access to the Mahragan Alkeraza 2017 books for all Grades please click on the link below.

Mahragan Alkeraza 2017 Books